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Exploring Expansion to Meet Demands

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Regional employers continuously rely on FVTC for skilled workers, just like they have for the past 100 years.  Fox Valley Technical College's unprecedented 30% enrollment growth during the past three years has contributed toward increased demands for its services.

Even in a sluggish economy, 85% of FVTC graduates are landing jobs. The economic vitality of our region needs quality workers whose skills match the needs of a new economy. Now the state’s largest technical college, FVTC served nearly a record 53,000 people last year.

Facilities Development Process

Every year, Fox Valley Technical College assesses facilities needs as part of an ongoing facilities planning process. After extensive research, preliminary plans are now being considered by the Board of Trustees for the physical expansion of several high-demand program areas. While we are still evaluating potential projects, it’s important to note that the scope and number of projects are going through intense development and costing processes. Plans are subject to change as a result.

After carefully reviewing college facilities needs for the next several years, we know:

Demand for training exceeds capacity. FVTC has experienced a 30% growth in enrollment in the past three years, and last year served nearly 53,000 people, more than any other technical college in Wisconsin. The demand for technical education and training is so great that we are significantly challenged to meet the growing needs of students and local employers.

Area employers depend on FVTC. Despite a sluggish economy, regional employers are in need of qualified workers – those with advanced skills for today’s globally competitive economy. Fox Valley Technical College fills that vital role. Over the years, the college has worked with many industry partners to address technology, equipment and space needs, but there are many unmet needs that must be addressed to support enrollment and continuing education demands.

Program expansion supports regional job growth. At Fox Valley Tech, educational programs must prove themselves before gaining major infrastructure investments. In addition to enrollment demands, the program areas represented in the proposed projects have been through a rigorous analysis of industry growth projections. These facilities expansions are intended to address current and future industry growth, putting local people to work.

Watch for regular updates on FVTC’s facility expansion plans.

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