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Landing Great Careers the JSN Way

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Sending resumes blindly for a chance at a stranger-to-stranger interview and networking “for the sake of networking” are no longer effective methods of career search. Today’s career search efforts require skill.

Jobseekers and employers can’t find one another, and that is evident because there is a skills shortage in our region and in the United States.

It’s time to try the one career search process that is landing incredible jobs for people almost weekly. Resumes and cover letters will always be important parts of a career search, but this process often finds the resume in the hands of an employer AFTER a jobseeker is hired. Go figure.

What’s the buzz about? It’s JobSeekers Network (JSN), a free community-based offering of Fox Valley Tech’s Student Employment Services department. Powered by one of the largest LinkedIn networks around and a track record of giving today’s smart jobseekers the right tools to land careers, discover why JSN is unlike any other job search method.

Recently, JSN celebrated its 800th participant in less than four years! The program is offered weekly at FVTC’s Appleton and Oshkosh Riverside campuses.