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Energy & Environmental Engineering Technology
Program Code: 10-481-4

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Associate Degree: 2 Years, 60 Credits
Appleton and Oshkosh Campuses
Financial Aid Eligible

Program Description

The Energy & Environmental Engineering Technology degree is designed to prepare participants for the changing business climate in which energy and the environment are key concerns. Students will learn to apply engineering principles in the protection of human health and the environment, while minimizing costs and risks. Sustainability is emerging as a key business requirement as customers, employees, and the public are putting increasing pressure on every organization to reduce their impact on the planet. This degree addresses energy efficiency, energy alternatives, energy conservation, energy cost, environmental management systems, and the impact of energy usage on the environment.

The Energy & Environmental Engineering Technology program consists of 67 total credits. It is offered year round. All technical studies courses follow a flexible schedule. See an advisor for details.

  • Based on Governmental and Industrial Standards
  • E-learning tools provided by J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc., to enhance your learning experience
  • Flexible and online classes
  • Begin at any time

Program/Plan Admission Requirements

  • Skills assessment
  • Proof of high school completion or equivalent
  • Pre-Admission interview with department staff

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Articulate the role of sustainability as a business practice.
  • Describe the environmental impact of various sources of energy.
  • List components which make up a carbon footprint for various organizations.
  • Calculate the carbon footprint for an organization.
  • Explain the impact of waste on the environment.
  • Apply reduce, reuse, recycle, and renewable to prioritize cost saving projects.
  • Articulate and apply applicable ISO standards.
  • Develop and comply with OSHA guidelines.
  • Calculate the cost of energy produced from many alternative sources.
  • Explain how to perform an energy audit.
  • Manage an energy program.

Program Offered at These Locations
  • Appleton-1825 N. Bluemound Drive
  • Oshkosh Riverside-150 N. Campbell Road

Contact Us

For additional information, call or e-mail Lee Binz at (920) 735-5690.

For additional program/admission information, View Program Plan.

Will my credits transfer to a 4-year college?

Students must follow the program curriculum in place at the time of enrollment into the program.
If you have questions, contact your advisor.

2014-15 Educational Program