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Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics
Program Code: 32-402-1

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Technical Diploma: 2 Years, 70 Credits
S. J. Spanbauer Center, Oshkosh
Financial Aid Eligible

Note: Due to FAA regulations that address attendance and minimum allowable grading requirements, students may not be able to transfer previously completed mathematics or physics courses into this program. Online courses and ITV courses are not applicable to the Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic program.

If you plan to take any coursework prior to entry into the Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic program, please request required documents prior to enrolling in coursework. Please contact Dennis Moehn at (920) 232-6005 for additional details.

Career Opportunities

As an airframe and powerplant mechanic, also known as the aviation maintenance technician, you are a federally certified individual who is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of U.S.-registered civil aircraft. You work to a high standard of integrity and ethics, utilizing skills that are specific to the need for continued airworthiness of all aircraft regardless of type, complexity or size. Your work responsibilities as an airframe and powerplant mechanic include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Inspection, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of aircraft engines (piston and turbine), airframe systems, and structures.
  • Rebuilding and overhaul of engines and major components.
  • Documentation and airworthiness certification upon completion of aircraft maintenance activities.

As an airframe and powerplant mechanic, you are employed by airlines, repair stations, air charter services and other aviation companies. Advanced career opportunities become available to you in supervisory, managerial and specialized inspection roles as you gain field experience.

Program Description

This program is certified and operated under the approval provisions of the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration Regulation Part 147. As a successful graduate, you are eligible for federal testing and certification as an FAA-rated airframe and powerplant mechanic. In addition, you may also select to complete the Aircraft Electronics program at Fox Valley Technical College with only one additional year of instruction.

Program/Plan Admission Requirements
  • Skills assessment
  • High school graduation or equivalent
  • Official high school transcript or equivalent

Please Note: An ACCUPLACER Arithmetic score of 65 or greater or successful completion of Program Prep Math is required to take College Technical Math 1A, which is a corequisite to all Occupational Specific courses.

Physical Requirements

Be able to stand at work for long periods; have adequate use of arms, legs, hands and fingers; be able to bend, stoop, kneel, crouch and move around easily; be able to lift and carry materials weighing up to 50 pounds; have good vision and hearing (normal or corrected); be free of severe allergies to dust, dirt, oil and grease.

Education and Other Requirements

As a graduate of the program, you are qualified to take the written, oral and practical examinations required by the Federal Aviation Administration, leading to Airframe and Powerplant licenses. You must be 18 years of age in order to take the above tests. Many employers require a complete physical examination (includes drug screening).

Note: To be licensed, you must pass the FAA written, oral and practical examinations for Airframe and/or Powerplant Mechanic. You must provide the tools required for this program. The estimated price range is $1,800-$2,500. A hand calculator capable of trigonometric functions (approximately $25) is also required.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Obtain the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate.
  • Develop an understanding and comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations governing Aviation Maintenance Technicians.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of airframe structural design, powerplant theory and aircraft systems to a component level.
  • Interpret and apply Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) to ensure aircraft safety and the Federal Aviation standards of airworthiness are complied with in all aspects of maintenance.
  • Develop skills in relation to FAA and manufacturers’ approved and/or acceptable methods of maintenance, preventative maintenance, and alterations to airframe, powerplants and appliances of aircraft.
  • Apply basic concepts of theory in system and component operation and maintenance.
  • Develop skills to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair aircraft, powerplants and components.
  • Become proficient in skills and techniques of aircraft inspections, maintenance, preventative maintenance and alteration of aircraft, powerplants and appliances.
  • Follow recommended safety procedures when working on aircraft.
  • Communicate and work effectively within a team-focused work group in different ever-changing environments and time constraints.
  • Become competent in decision making and evaluation of maintenance and repairs.

Program Offered at This Location

  • Oshkosh S. J. Spanbauer Center—3601 Oregon Street

Helpful High School Courses

Algebra, physics, sheet metal, auto mechanics, machine shop and welding.

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For more information regarding the Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics program, visit our department website at

For additional program/admission information, View Program Plan.

Students must follow the program curriculum in place at the time of enrollment into the program.
If you have questions, contact your advisor.

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