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Technology Resources 

Technology Resources
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We have many tools available to help you in your work.

FVTC Basics:  File Storage, Email & MyFVTC

File Storage

FVTC employees should store their class documents on a FVTC network drive or on SharePoint on the Intranet.  The advantage to using SharePoint is that the files will be readily available from anywhere faculty have access to the web. Network files are only available when on an FVTC campus or regional center.  The required FVTC network ID is provided as part of the hiring process.


Microsoft Outlook is a powerful communications and scheduling program that helps faculty and staff communicate with others inside and outside the organization, keep track of tasks, and organize busy schedules.  An FVTC Outlook email account is provided as part of the hiring process. 

Use this Adjunct Faculty Quick Guide to MyFVTC and Email to learn how to logon and access your email account.

Daily News

The Daily News is the place to go for up-to-the-minute information and College and staff news as well as the place to access the staff bulletin board where community announcements are made and items can be bought and sold.  The Daily News is located on the FVTC Intranet (Staff Resources/Intranet Links on the College website) and requires that you sign in with your network ID and password.


Using MyFVTC, students and staff have access to FVTC computing resources from any computer with Internet access.

Use this Adjunct Faculty Quick Guide to MyFVTC and Email to learn how to log on and access MyFVTC. 

Accepting or Declining Your Adjunct Faculty Teaching Agreement (video)

When you agree to a teaching assignment at Fox Valley Technical College, you accept an Adjunct Faculty Teaching Agreement (eAFTA).  This agreement is handled electronically.  This short video walks you through the process.  The video requires Adobe Flash Player 8.0.0 or higher.  Click Adobe Flash Player to begin the download and follow the prompts provided by Adobe.

Rosters and Grading

Adjunct Faculty Guide to MyFVTC (PDF)  This 37-page manual will give you step-by-step instructions to access your rosters and enter grades.

Entering Grades Video

Finding and Printing Your Class Rosters Video

Accessing Secure Portions of the FVTC Website

Your FVTC email address and password will also be your ID and password for secure portions of the FVTC to which you have access.  If you are asked for an ID and password when you visit other parts of the website, please enter your FVTC email address, including the and your password.

Instructional Technology: Blackboard, "Smart" Classrooms & Starboard Interactive Whiteboard

Blackboard (Bb)

Blackboard is FVTC's course management system.  Instructors are required to complete a training session before making any Blackboard course materials available to students.  This tutorial provides supplemental instruction for using Blackboard.  For Blackboard technical support, call (920) 735-4816.  Instructional support can be accessed by calling (920) 735-4760.

"Smart" Classrooms

Many FVTC classrooms are equipped with computerized teaching stations that display content from computer screens, a DVD player, and in some classrooms, a document camera.

Tour of the Classroom Technologies in the Newer Classrooms

Using the InSight Software in Classrooms

Hitachi Starboard Software "Interactive Whiteboard"

Many FVTC classrooms are now equipped with the new Hitachi Starboard.  Discover how this tool can help you present your lecture and get your students to interact as well.

Starboard Instructor User Guide

Additional resources can be found on these Hitachi Starboard Websites:

Hitachi Starboard Community
Hitachi Educator Resource Center

Want to work on your class lecture, but you can't always get into your classroom?  Instructions for Downloading Hitachi Starboard Software to your desktop

Get Help:  Online or Telephone

Please submit your Help Desk or Information Technology request in the ServiceDesk Plus system.  The request for service will be routed to the appropriate person within the Information Technology department.  If you need immediate assistance or have questions about entering your ServiceDesk Plus request, please call the Help Desk at (920) 735-5644.  

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