Agriculture, Horticulture and Outdoor Power Equip. 

The two-year associate degree program, Agribusiness and Science Technology include classes in animal science, animal nutrition, integrated pest management, marketing, soil science, crop production, GIS/GPS technology and computers, as well as sales and management courses.

On-the-job work experience is part of the requirements for the program.

PolarisStudents in the agronomy and crop application areas take a safety course on the programs Polaris four-wheeler. Which is equipped with a soil sampler and a global positioning system, to map and grid sample crop land.


GPS team

Students in the advanced computers class map, grid sample, and then create variable rate application maps that will then go into the computer in the Terra-Gator to vary the rate of fertilizer across the field.


Terra-GatorThis is the Terra-Gator that the program is leasing from the Ag-Chem Corporation. This unit will allow us to vary the rate of fertilizer across the field with the variable rate application maps created in the advanced computer class.

Five large applicator rigs for training

These are applicator units that will be used to train new operators for the crop and fertilizer industry.  This is done before the rush season to prepare new operator for safety and preventative maintenance on a unit.


Dairy Students                  Steer Barn

Animal Science is one area of interest that a lot of students have. The program allows the students enrolled in this area to take several field trips a years to area facilities. Such as local dairy farms and animal health facilities and animal feeding facilities.

  Students on the halter                    Teaching Ag Students

Whether you enjoy judging elite cattle, dairy genetics, commercial cattle or ration balancing you will have the opportunity to have hands on experience while working on your degree in Agribusiness and Science Technology.

  Students in /Freestall                   Calf Physical

Career Options

Fertilizer Department Manager
Dairy Supervisor
Grain Terminal Manager
Livestock Assistant Herdsperson
Crop Scout and Chemical Applicator

Harvesting Equipment photo

Students also get the chance to operate harvesting equipment in the fall of the year. All students will learn how to properly operate and maintain the equipment. Students also get a chance to be part of the harvesting process.

tillage equipmentStudents get the chance to operate the tillage equipment in the fall of the year. Local area dealerships typically donate tillage pieces for the school to use.



Students are able to harvest the corn in the school test plot for silage. Then the samples are sent off to an area lab where they are tested for different traits.


Field of Dreams Students get the chance to go on field trips to area sites.  This was taken on the way to the PAS National Convention.




St Louis Arch from hotel
2006, PAS, St Louis


Post Secondary Agriculture Students attend various conventions such as: Fall Leadership, State Convention and National Convention held in a different state each year.

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