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Aircraft Electronics 

Aircraft Electronics Technicians work in a rapidly changing field of electronics.  Through the use of microprocessor technology, they monitor the electrical systems of aircraft with miniature programmable equipment.  If you enjoy hands-on work in electronics, have a strong science and math aptitude, and have a passion for airplanes, Aircraft Electronics may be just the program for you!

The two-year Aircraft Electronics  program at FVTC’s S.J. Spanbauer Center is an excellent place to begin your training.  The Center is equipped with the latest avionics equipment, and the program stresses both theory and the practical aspects of this highly technical area of aviation.

Aircraft Electronics

For further information, please contact:

Admissions: Debbie Garton 920-236-6119
Recruitment (tours): Amy Rachubinski 920-236-6112
Instructors: Joe Schmidt 920-232-6023 or Gene Zastera 920-232-6004 
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