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Lean Six Sigma 

Six Sigma Training

The Six Sigma Green Belt program is offered through the Lean Performance Center at Fox Valley Technical College. Our instructors will customize training to fit your organization’s needs and objectives. We offer on-site classes at your location or in FVTC’s world-class facilities. This specialized approach ensures that the training your employees receive is both relevant and cost effective. We also offer technical assistance to help you identify solutions to your business problems.

Lean/Six Sigma Benefits

  • Could your organization benefit from an 80% reduction in cycle time?
  • If that new cycle time reduced WIP by 80%, would that impact your cash flow and balance sheet?
  • If scrap, rework, customer returns and inspection costs all drop 50%, would that improve your bottom line? Elimination of re-work would likely reduce overtime too.
  • If Six Sigma freed up 50% of your floor space, you could launch another product line or bring a critical supplier in-house.
  • With 30% productivity increase, could you reduce price and increase profits this year?

These are typical results from organizations that have enthusiastically implemented Six Sigma.

Six Sigma Principles

  • Target the most important processes company-wide.
  • Measure the process results and set targets, usually including defect rate, inventory and cycle time.
  • Involve your people in the DMAIC Process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)
  • Use data and statistics to drive focused, data-based improvement.
  • Six Sigma organizations are the lowest cost providers.

Cost of Mistakes—

How much does detecting and fixing cost your organization?

  • Experts say that we may be spending up to 25% of our revenue dollars on mistakes. If your organization doesn’t measure the cost of quality, it is probably experiencing similar negative financial consequences.
  • When Six Sigma levels of quality are achieved, there is no need for inspection—costs are reduced and profits increase.
  • Six Sigma quality relates to 3.4 defects per million opportunities. 
    How much money is saved by eliminating all receiving, in-process and final inspections, not to mention re-work and scrap costs?

Green Belt Certification Program. The FVTC Green Belt Certification consists of online class work plus 56 hours of in class training delivered over several months.  During this time frame, participants develop and execute projects at their workplace using Lean/Six Sigma methodologies and tools. Class times and locations can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Register now for our blended course including online and classroom sessions. 

FVTC offers a six sigma black belt course in collaboration with MPTC. Click here for more information

Technical Assistance Service. We provide consulting services by experts who work with you to solve your business problems. Our technical consultants and trainers are experts in the latest technologies and methods in areas of Six Sigma. Their expertise combined with practical work experience can help you and your organization.

For additional information on customized training contact:  Dean Witman, (920) 237-6404

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