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E-seed Co-Creation 

Co-Create ButtonBehind every successful e-seed entrepreneur is a trusted mentor and guide. Now, we’re bringing the program that launched hundreds of new businesses right to you. Through a combination of in-person sessions and workbooks, texts, webinars, and one-on-one coaching, the program offers the best, most proven start-up experience for your students and clients.

E-seed Co-Creation

Successful entrepreneurs and instructors are not born, they’re trained! We first train your faculty and adjunct-faculty to create a dynamic, experiential atmosphere with the tools and information they need to drive the creation of start-up businesses and entrepreneurial firms AND grow revenue for your college.

Your team will learn:
  • How to cultivate and support entrepreneurs in your community
  • How entrepreneurship and small business development drive your regional economy
  • How to stimulate and harness community-wide support for your entrepreneurship program
  • How to successfully market e-seed
  • How to facilitate, deliver and maximize the e-seed curriculum
  • How to measure impact with stakeholders.

E-seed Co-Creation program includes:

  • In person train-the-trainer session held at Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton
  • Examples insight and resources for creating an across-the-community approach to entrepreneurship and small business start-up and growth.
  • Supporting tools including textbooks, templates and materials for the 10-week e-seed course. Courses are mapped out and pre-planned—you just apply your own market information.
  • Business model workshop designed to identify your best customers while driving sales for your College/organization
  • One Instructor and Participant manual/workbook with classroom management outlines
  • Tour of entrepreneurial start-ups and small business with Q & A Session
  • Guest speakers and Q& A sessions include service professionals and economic development experts
  • Marketing materials include the e-seed brand identity for co-branded use, communications templates, marketing tactics, and ideas that work!

During the e-seed experience students will:

  • Solidify their vision, identify and analyze their industry, competition, market, customer segments, financial opportunity, etc.
  • Learn legal, risk and regulatory issues facing business owners
  • Design a business model and develop a business plan to guide the launch and growth of their new business
  • Identify needs and develop strategies to secure talent, professional services, capital and more
  • Learn about available financing including: SBA Loan Guarantees, working with banks and credit unions, securing private equity via angel and venture capital resources, alternatives financing including bootstrapping and micro-credit as well as crowd funding.
  • Develop and grow their resource network
  • Receive one-on-one support and coaching inside and outside of each session.
  • All materials for a full 10-week session include textbook, workbook, templates online digital resources.

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June 4 - 5, 2014
FVTC's D.J. Bordini Center, Appleton


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**You are welcome to join us at Explore Starting a Business sessions.

E-seed Co-Creation

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