Community Analysis Process for Planning Strategies 

Interagency cooperation and community involvement in problem identification and development of strategies is significant for making changes and improvements. This nationally recognized Community Analysis Process for Planning Strategies (CAPPS) training program is designed to help executive teams develop and implement comprehensive interagency action plans based on community needs. Learn how your community can come together to build a safer community. WORK SMARTER - NOT HARDER.

Course Objectives

The CAPPS program emphasizes best-practices for facilitating change within communities through a team-based approach to the development and implementation of planning strategies. Its focus is on the process of change and how to develop and engage leadership to improve the community’s quality of life. Course objectives include:
  • To provide the capability for collection and analysis of information and statistics to accurately identify quality of life issues and reflect the level of crime and risk of victimization within its population;
  • To provide the expertise to utilize this analysis in enforcement, prevention and intervention planning activities to improve the quality of life for residents; and
  • To provide information-networking resources for implementing Community Action Plans.

Team Participation

Attendance for this training requires TEAM participation by executive or administrative representatives of the community. Participants representing tribal and non-tribal communities are encouraged to attend. Each team should include a total of 5-8 individuals representing:
  • City/town/county administration
  • Government agency administration
  • Tribal administration
  • Social service agencies
  • Education
  • Judges/prosecutors
  • Probation and parole

For questions or to schedule CAPPS training at your facility, contact Justine Souto (phone: 888-370-1752.)

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   Assessing Need,
   Identifying Risk
   and Providing Assistance

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