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Quality One at FVTC 

What is Quality One?
Quality One is a decision-making and monitoring body, focusing on quality improvement initiatives of the College and related faculty and staff involvement in this process. Team efforts focus on:
  • College accreditation AQIP processes and action projects
  • Strategic planning
  • Staff engagement
  • Linkages with quality networks and initiatives (e.g. CQIN, Forward Award)
Quality One Members
  • Dr. Susan May College President (key contact person)
  • Dr. Patti Frohrib Director, College Effectiveness
  • Deb Gorman –  Director, Employee Relations & Staff Development
  • Dr. Patti Jorgensen Vice President Student and Community Development
  • Chris Matheny Vice President and Chief Academic Officer Instructional Services
  • Betty Meulemans –  Educational Support Personnel Association Executive Committee Representative
  • Jim Reinke –  President, Faculty Association
  • Carol Tyler –  Facilitator
  • Sarah Bingham –  Recorder

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