Agriculture (AG) Technologies & Mechanic Systems 

State Ag Technologies & Mechanic Systems

This is a qualifying contest for the State contest. The top 25% of the teams will be eligible to enter the State FFA Career Development event.(The percentages qualified at area contests is based on the percentage of full 3- or 4- person teams indicating that they are attempting to qualify at an area contest.)

The Clinic will be patterned after the National Agricultural Mechanics Contest. The same areas of concentration will be included. Information about the Agricultural Mechanics Contest can be found in the National Career Development Event Handbook. The Agricultural Mechanics CDE Theme for 2014: Plant Production Systems.

  • Individual problem-solving/skill development activities Competencies associated with the individual performance activities are listed for each agricultural mechanics system associated with this event and can be found in the National Career Development Event Handbook.
  • Written examination A written examination consisting of 50 multiple choice questions will be developed from the system areas identified in the competencies section for this event. These will include 10 multiple choice questions on each of the five system areas.
  • Team problem-solving activity Participants will compete as a team to solve an integrated problem associated with the theme selected for the event. A broad problem scenario will be presented to the team. The team will have the freedom to use any and all information, organize themselves to solve the problem in their own way (work together or delegate), and determine how they will put their solution together. The team will receive a combined score based on the process of how members work together, as well as the product (final solution presented by the team).
  • Top Three Team Members = Team Score
  • Each school may enter one qualifying team OR one practice team.
  • Safety Equipment: Each contestant will need to bring safety glasses, calculator, and pencils.
  • Limit 24 teams (qualifying teams will be considered first)
  • Contest will be held in the Agriculture Center.

Please review the state FFA Career Development Events.

FVTC Committee:

Tom Yost
 (920) 735-2556

Tim Duel
 (920) 225-5969


Dale Drees
 (920) 735-2489

Corey Lee
 (920) 993-5164
High School Committee: Shawano

Consultant: Dr. Mark Zidon
U.W. Platteville
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