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"International Business" is not "Business as Usual"

  • Learn about the critical elements of international business
  • Build your professional credentials and open doors to new opportunities
  • Earn your FVTC Advantage Certificate
Six accelerated online courses will help you develop skills in international marketing, product development, culture, communications, strategy, sales, finance, banking and logistics.

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Seminar / Course Title
Module 1
Managing Cross-Cultural Relationships
• Understanding & appreciation of culture
• Cross-cultural interpersonal communications
• Traditions, lifestyles, practices & cultural profiles
• Successful business & professional relationships
• Elements of international business

Module 2
Global Sales, Marketing, & Product Promotion
• Customer expectations
• Cultural requirements
• Global market plans & market research
• Product liability & implications
• Legal & regulatory requirements

Module 3
Global Trade, Finance & Banking
• Foreign exchange & banking practices
• Customer compliance
• Logistics & documentation
• Letter of credit
• Process of imports and exports

Module 4
Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management
• International supply chain
• Transportation modes
• Product classification & trade agreements
• Safety issues & regulatory requirements
Module 5
Global Operations Management
• Global business planning
• Legal & government compliance
• Strategic & operations functions
• Global human resource options

Module 6
Global Business Professional Capstone
• Global Business Professional key concepts and
  practical applications
• CAPSTONE project or Strategies to prepare for NASBITE CGBP

• NASBITE CGBP credential & exam review (optional)
CGBP practice exam (optional)

What our customers are saying:

“The first module, Managing Cross Cultural Relationships, has caused so many lively discussions within our department.  The class has reinvigorated our department!  At the risk of using a cliché, I think our departmental "paradigm" has shifted in reference to some ongoing challenges. On a personal note, I have made a conscientious effort to change my style of writing/communicating with several of my customers as a result of what I learned these past four weeks. To my delight, it has made a big difference with a customer I have been struggling with in Vietnam. I look forward to the next classes!” Leigh

By successfully completing the six courses, you can earn a FVTC Advantage Certificate* as a “Global Business Professional.”
The FVTC Global Business Professional certificate* demonstrates a competency in international business knowledge and skills that are in demand today.

The Global Business Professional includes six  stand-alone courses and participants will be grade on completion requirements. Those participants who successfully completing coursework will receive an associate degree credit. The
Global Business Professional Series series includes six courses bundled into one course. Upon successful completion, participants will receive six associate degree.

Cost: See flyer for breakdown of costs of program.

The program is designed as self-managed/self-paced with online learning tools to meet the learning needs & lifestyles of working (and traveling) adults. This format has several critical advantages that enable "anywhere, anytime learning".

Books Required:

Order your textbooks for purchase or rental via the Campus Bookstore and the online ordering can be accessed at:
FVTC College Bookstore

•Global Entrepreneur, Author: FOLEY, Edition: 2ND 04. Publisher: JAMRIC, ISBN: 9780975315309.
  Used if available $22.45. New $29.95 (rental $14-$20). Subject to change
•International Business, Author: WILD, Edition: 7TH 12, Publisher: PEARSON. ISBN: 9780133063004.
  Used if available  $128.10. New $170.80 (rental $110-$128) Subject to change

In lieu of purchasing books for this seminar, books have been placed in the FVTC Library

Grant Funding
Some participants may be eligible for grant funding.
To learn more about this grant: Export Education Grant (EEG)

Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Credential
Interested in earning a national credential? The seminars incorporate a NASBITE (North American Small Business International Trade Educators) text, so that you can prepare and participate in the national CGBP exam (optional).  

Schedule your NASBITE exam at: NASBITE Exam

For additional information regarding the seminar series, contact:
Nancy Peters
Global Education & Services
Office: 920-735-4844

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