Funding Opportunities for Study Abroad 

Funding Opportunities for Study Abroad

There are 3 funding opportunities for student participating on a study abroad program.

1. Financial Aid

Go through the additional loan request process.

  • All regular eligibility rules still apply. The Financial Aid Office does not work with grant funding specifically related to study abroad; however, if you have not already reached your allotted budget for the year, you may be eligible for additional loan funding. Please be aware that if you are a DEPENDENT student, additional loans may need to be requested through the Parent PLUS Loan.
  • Note: If a study abroad class is added after the census date, your Federal PELL award will not be adjusted to reflect the change in credit status.

2. Scholarship

The Global Education & Services Office offers a $200 competitive scholarship to students who apply for and participate on a study abroad program. You will find additional information on the process of applying for this scholarship within the Study Abroad Application packet.

3. Start a Payment Plan

Log onto your MyFVTC account to set up a payment plan. This option will allow you to pay your tuition costs over the course of three months rather than in one lump sum.

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