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International Education Week 



FVTC Celebrates International Education Week
Join Us!
(free to staff, students, community members)

10th Annual YMCA International Family Night
This event is open to the public. During this event, FVTC International students will be showcasing their country, sharing information about their culture and homeland. Music will be provided and food will be available for purchase. Call YMCA for additional information on this event.

6:30 PM -- 9:00 PM
Saturday, 11/2/2013
Heart of the Valley, YMCA
More than Matza Balls!
Jewish Culture in America

This presentation by Dr. Sid Vineburg explores Jewish people following immigration to America. Find out where they came from; learn about their history, differences in groups (orthodox, moderate), culture, foods, traditions and what to expect when doing business with a Jewish person. (No registration required).
11:30 AM  -- 12:20 PM
Monday, 11/11/2013
FVTC Appleton, Room F108
International Student Poster Fair
Featuring students from Central America, China, Mexico, & Japan
11:00 AM -- 1:00 PM
Tuesday-Wednesday, 11/13-11/14/13
FVTC Appleton Cafe
Geography of the World
Do you know where Bangladesh or Belize is on the world map? Whatever happened to Czechoslovakia? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Did you know that there are over 50 countries of the world represented here on campus?

Join us for this fun, interactive, and educational, lunch and learn session. Not only will you increase your knowledge of the world, you may also win a prize. Presenter: Aaron Gorenc

11:30 AM -- 12:20 PM
Thursday, 11/14/2013

International Student Poster Fair
Featuring students from Brazil & India (i.e. Festival of Lights)
11:30 AM -- 1:00 PM
Monday, Tuesday
11/18-11/19, 2013
FVTC Appleton

International Film:
Monsoon Wedding

11:30 AM
3:30 PM
6:00 PM
18-22, 2013
FVTC Appleton Campus Spectator's Lounge
International Cabaret:
Food, Music, & Dance from Around the World

Join us for this entertaining event sponsored by: Student Life, Multi-Cultural Center, Culinary Arts, & International Exchange Club, and Global Education & Services

3:00 PM -- 6:00 PM Thursday, 11/21/2013 FVTC Commons
 Appleton  Campus
Nicaraguan Night at Kaukauna High School
International Cabaret performance will be continued with a second presentation at Kaukauna High School. This is a benefit for Kaukauna High School’s partner school in Esteli Nicaragua.
6:30 PM -- 9:00 PM
Thursday, 11/21/2013
Kaukauna High School

Trivia: Follow us on Twitter @FVTCGlobalEd and play IEW2013 Trivia for your chance to win a prize!

Global Education & Services

o NEW:  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Earn your FVTC Certificate!
o 12 World Language & culture courses
o Online world language labs and classes
o Study Abroad
o Global Understanding
o Global Business Professional
o Spanish-English Bilingual Interpretation
o Earn a certificate: Global Business, Intensive English, Spanish, Spanish Health Care, Spanish-English
   Bilingual Interpretation, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
o English Language Institute (ELL)
o Intensive English (non-native speakers)
o International Student Scholarship Program
o International Student Advising
o International Student Exchange club (open to all students)
o Host or mentor an international student
o Translation/interpreter services
o Professional development seminars
o Customized corporate training (language/culture, global trade, import/export)

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