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Global Understanding 

LEARN Locally, THINK Globally!

International topics covered in this course:
Economic, Culture, Environment, Political

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Matt Harding          
   Muhammad Yunus          
 Will Allen

 Sampat Pal Devi
 Wangari Muta Maathai

    Leymah Gbowee

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What can you expect in the class?
  • The class will be customized based on the career goals of the participants.
  • International “guest speakers” will deliver informative topic-related presentations.
  • Various hands-on global projects focused on different professional fields will be conducted.
Topics of learning and discussion will include:
The impact of geography, history, religion and politics in shaping cultures, behaviors, and social interactions such as: non-verbal communication, negotiating, managing conflict, team work, decision making and motivation.


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Can this course transfer to four-year universities?
This course may be accepted as transfer credit for students pursuing bachelor degrees. Many educational institutions have partnered with FVTC.  To ensure that your transfer credit is accepted, contact the four-year institution that you will transfer to for approval.

You can also find more information at: Credit Transfer with Four-Year Colleges

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Faculty Bio
Debra is a faculty member of FVTC and teaches all levels of English Language Learning (ELL) and Global Understanding. She has also facilitated Hispanic Culture in the Workplace workshops for the business community. Debra earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from UW-Stout, a bachelor's degree in International Studies from UW-Stevens Point, and a Master's degree in Linguistics from Ohio University. Debra was an international exchange student while in college and has traveled throughout Europe, Mexico and Australia.

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