International Student Admission Procedure 

International Student Admissions

Thank you for your interest in applying to Fox Valley Technical College!
Please follow the steps below to start the international student admission process.

STEP 1: Download and complete the International Student Application.

STEP 2: Provide an official copy of a high school diploma or completion certificate; translated into English if necessary.

STEP 3: Provide transcripts and a U.S. credential evaluation report through a U.S. evaluation service. Evaluation services such as Education Credential Evaluators ( or World Education Services ( are needed ONLY when wanting to transfer credits into Fox Valley Technical College from a non-U.S. University.

STEP 4: Provide TOEFL scores. TOEFL scores are NOT needed if enrolling into the Intensive English Program.

• Minimum TOEFL scores needed for entering an Associate in Applied Science Degree Program:
o 520 on paper-based test
o 190 on computer-based test
o 68 on Internet-based test
• Non-native English speakers who meet the minimum TOEFL requirements should enroll in ‘Bridge’ courses during the first semester at Fox Valley Technical College. ‘Bridge’ courses receive additional assistance from an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor and are designed for students transitioning from ESL to non-ESL courses.

STEP 5: Complete Official Certification of Source of Funds and Amounts form. A bank statement verifying funds available to cover educational expenses totaling $17,500.00 (U.S. Dollars) should be submitted with the form.

STEP 6: Provide an official bank statement or a notarized letter from a financial institution; translated in English if needed, verifying funds are available to cover all educational and living expenses for one academic year. Currency or currency equivalencies must be shown in U.S. Dollars.

An explanation of the $17,500.00 (U.S. Dollars) cost breakdown is as follows:

• Tuition: $5,500 per year (equivalent to approximately 24 credits per year, 12 credits per semester)
• Books and Supplies: $1,000 per year (estimated cost)
• Medical Coverage: $600 per year (estimated cost)
• Housing, Meals, Personal Expenses: $10,000 per year (estimated cost)
• International Student Orientation Course Fee: $350 (one-time payment)
• International Admissions Processing Fee: $50 (one-time payment)
• Associate Degree/Certificate Program Processing Fee: $30 (one-time payment, done after arrival)
o An additional $8,000 per dependent must available and verified.

STEP 7: Provide copy of current, non-expired Passport. The same is required for each dependent if necessary.

STEP 8: Complete the following steps if you are a current F-1 international student studying in the U.S.A.

• Copies of ALL previously issued I-20 forms.
• Copy of current VISA.
• Download and complete F-1 Student Transfer Form.
• Request current school to transfer I-20 to Fox Valley Technical College.

STEP 9: Mail ALL completed and required documents together to the address below. Check or money orders may be sent separately via postal mail. An I-20 WILL NOT be processed without the $50 International Admissions Processing Fee. Illegible applications WILL NOT be processed.

• Scanned documents can also be emailed to:

STEP 10: Pay the $50 International Admissions Processing Fee. Mail check (made out to FVTC) or money order to:

Fox Valley Technical College
Attn: Global Education and Services
1825 N. Bluemound Drive, P.O. Box 2277
Appleton, WI 54912-2277


• May 15 for August start dates (Fall)
• October 15 for January or June start dates (Spring or Summer)

Send ALL documents to:

Fox Valley Technical College
Attn: Global Education and Services
1825 N. Bluemound Drive, P.O. Box 2277
Appleton, WI 54912-2277

Upon receiving your I-20 and welcome packet from Fox Valley Technical College, schedule an interview with the U.S. Embassy and present the I-20 and letters of support at your embassy visit. The embassy decides whether or not to grant an F-1 Student Visa. Please contact your regional EducationUSA advisor as you prepare for your embassy visit. Visit to locate your nearest EducationUSA Center.

Prior to your scheduled visa interview, you must pay a $200 SEVIS I-901 F-1 Visa Fee. Information regarding this fee and how to pay it may be found by visiting the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website at:

Once you are granted the F-1 Student Visa, contact immediately to notify Fox Valley Technical College of your pending arrival date. Check-in with Global Education and Services immediately upon arrival to Appleton, Wisconsin and Fox Valley Technical College.

Arrive to campus several weeks (but no more than 30 days) prior to the start of the semester in order to complete the admissions procedures and attend the mandatory 3-day Orientation Program. You will be admitted to Fox Valley Technical College as a general undergraduate student until ALL remaining requirements are complete. Students registering late will have limited course selection due to availability. All international students MUST be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to maintain F-1 status.

For questions related to admissions or the admissions process, please contact:

Click on the link provided to download the International Admissions Step By Step Process document.

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