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International Studies Testimonials

"Being a CASS student in America is indeed an experience that I will never forget.

Being in a different country has aided me to appreciate different cultures and helped me to understand them and be appreciative of everyone's uniqueness.

I wouldn't have had such a greet experience if it weren't for my host family.  They were the guiding light for the first nine months of my stay in America.  They showed me places I needed to know and important resources such as the library, hospital, etc.  They were like my parents.  They did an excellent job of making me feel like I was apart of the family.  My host mom always provided a listening ear and a welcoming environment that supported me.  My host dad provided guidance and leadership, and most of all a father figure.  They made me feel as if I belonged and that is very important, especially when you are away from home and your loved ones.

The role that host families play is so vital to the experience of being in America.  This is why the CASS Program is so unique.  It not only gave me a wonderful opportunity to develop myself in the area of education, but it also allowed me to be integrated into a whole new and fascinating culture."

Rose-Ann Hall

"To be an international  student is a very good experience and so hard at the same time, especially if you don't know the language.  The best way to learn the language is have a host family who can help you practice speaking.  Personally, I have had one of the best experiences in my life being an international student.  The host family becomes like a real family because they provide valuable support in our lives as international students.  Learning a different culture is an experience you will never forget.  You learn to depend on yourself to live the best that you can."

Ysai Reyes
Dominican Republic

"Being an international CASS student is a wonderful experience.  The CASS program gave me a big opportunity for development.  Being part of CASS is also a big responsibility because we represent our cultures by being friendship ambassadors not only on campus, but also in the community.  We also become agents of change when going back to our countries.

One of the greatest experiences that I have had in my life was living with a host family.  Host families represent to us an opportunity to interact and share with people from North America.  It also provides a learning experience.  They become our parents while being here.  My personal experience was unforgettable.  My host family (host mom and two dogs) treated me as part of the family.  She became not only a mom, but a friend, an advisor, and a supporter.

I am very happy to be a part of CASS, and am really thankful for my host mom."

Silvia Samayoa

"I think students who want to study in the U.S. will have a valuable educational experience at Fox Valley Technical College."

Ivan Kapliouk

"Being a student at Fox Valley Technical College has given me great knowledge, opportunities and self-confidence."

Nadia Butt

"I believe that Fox Valley Technical College provides international students who want to study in the United States with many educational opportunities."

Fitun Solomon

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