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Italian Classes 


Italian 1 for Culinary Arts                   


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Journey through culinary heritage of Italy to discover dishes, traditions, regional products and eating habits that make up the Italian cuisine so loved throughout the world. Students will learn basic Italian language: vocabulary, pronunciation, and phrases (greeting others and introducing themselves, obtaining and discussing food and lodging, asking information).

This journey will take students through authentic situations that place the Italian food/culture in real-life contexts, highlighting the significance of food and flavors in the daily lives of Italians, beyond the stereotypes perceived abroad.  Topics will include a variety of specific situations pertaining to Italian cuisine culture (regional and national Italian cuisine, food preparation and appreciation).


Italian 1                                                    


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Establishes a fundamental foundation in the Italian language presenting everyday situations. It focuses on vocabulary building, basic grammar, word recognition and usage, conversation, and understanding of culture and tradition. Prerequisite: none


Italian 2                                                    


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Builds on the fundamentals of level 1 grammar and communication and further develops learners’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Enables students to gain a deeper insight into culture and traditions. Prerequisite: Italian 1 or consent of instructor 

Italian Conversation Advanced      


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Expands on the fundamentals of level 2 grammar and communication and further develops learners’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in conversational Italian. Completion of this course will enable students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively engage in communication.  Prerequisite: Italian 2 or consent of instructor

Learn - Italian Online: FVTC's Online Class with Rosetta Stone ® e-Course

Online Language Labs: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Practice reading, writing, speaking and listening through intuitive, interactive and visually engaging language learning. This flexible online course effectively utilizes technology to accelerate language learning. Interact with a native speaking language coach, play games, and download optional mobile apps to reinforce learning on the go. Accommodates various language levels.
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Study Abroad
Interested in studying abroad in Italy? FVTC also offers language and culture immersion opportunities: Travel/Study in Italy? 

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