Soil and Water Conservation / Engineering 

A wide variety of Soil erosion control practices are looked at throughout Soil and Water conservation. Many aspects of land use and land management are discussed to improve the students knowledge of what is happening around our state.

Soil and Water Conservation 1
Soil can occur erosion due to development because of the concentration of rain and snow melt by buildings and streets.


Soil and Water Conservation 2

Silt fence is used to reduce sediment input into streams and other water ways. It is only a temporary treatment until vegetation is established to replace it.

Soil and Water Conservation 3

Soil textures, color and profile descriptions are emphasized to aid in other Natural Resources classes and to become a soil technician.

Soil and Water Conservation 4

The Soil and Water Conservation and Engineering course shows the student how to design and install erosion control structures as well as expose them to agricultural practices for non-point source pollution. Emphasis is placed on quality designs on AutoCAD followed by cost and quantity estimates all the way to installing practices and grade establishment.

 Soil and Water Conservation 5

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