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FVTC Email 

Remember to use "" AFTER
your student ID when signing in.


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Reminder: FVTC will never ask you to send your password
in an email or send you an email to sign-in to our email system.
Please forward scam messages asking for your password to .

How to get to your FVTC email:
  1. Click the appropriate logo or link on this page (This will open a new window).

  2. Type your "User" in the text box.  You WILL need to use ""

    • STUDENTS: Your user name is your nine-digit student ID number!
    • STAFF: Your user name is your regular staff log-in.

  3. Type your password.

  4. Click the Log On/Sign In button/icon.

Log on, access or password issues can be directed to
or at (920) 735-5644.

Security Tips
  • DO NOT check 'Remember my password' if prompted.
  • DO NOT select 'This is a private computer' option if you are using a public or shared computer.
  • Close your browser when finished.

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   Brent Schuettpelz

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   4/15/2014 3:24:24 PM