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Email FAQs 

How do I get an FVTC email account?

All students will automatically receive e-mail accounts when applying for admission or signing up for classes or training.

Students are defined as anyone who is program declared (Associate Degree or Technical Diploma) or anyone taking a class, course, or training session from FVTC.

My web email is slow. How do I improve the speed

Use the 'Outlook Web Access Light' option from the log on page

My inbox is completely empty, where are my emails?

Sign-in to your "MyFVTC" account  (icon on the left side of this page) and edit your email preferences.  You likely have another account set to be your preferred account, so all of your FVTC email is bouncing to your other personal email accounts. 

We recommend that you make your FVTC email address your preferred address so you don't miss any email from us.

How do I stop my OWA session from timing out on me?

By default the log on page uses the more secure 'Public or shared computer' option which has a timeout value of 15 minutes. Select the 'This is a private computer' option for an 8 hour timeout value.

Security warning: You MUST use the log off button from within the "Outlook Web Access" to properly log off. Failure to do so may allow other people to use your email account without having to know your user name or password.

How can I set-up email for my iPad or iPhone or Android device?

Go to our Get Your Email on Your Smart Phone page and follow the instructions listed.

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