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Diesel Club Constitution 

Diesel Mechanics

Diesel Club Constitution

Article I: Name
Section 1: The name of the organization shall be the Diesel Club.

Article II: Organization Purposes
Section 1: The purposes of Diesel Club Diesel Student
  1. To provide an ongoing support system for all Diesel Club Diesel Students Fox Valley Technical College.
  2. To promote the interests of Diesel Students.


Article I: Membership
Section 1: Eligibility
Membership shall be open to all Diesel Students.
Section 2: The organization shall not discriminate in any way on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, color, disability, or national origin.
Article II: Officers
Section 1: Positions and Responsibility
Four officers shall comprise the Executive Board. They are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They each have equal voting privileges in all special meetings.
  1. President: The leading director of the organization. The President's responsibilities are:
    1. To be the focal point of major communications within the organization.
    2. To chair all special meetings.
    3. To call emergency meetings when necessary, and to chair the emergency meetings.
  2. Vice-President: Assistant to President. The Vice President's responsibilities are:
    1. To stand in and assume responsibilities of the office of President in the event of sickness or emergency.
  3. Secretary: The manager of all official paperwork of the organization. The Secretary's responsibilities are:
    1. To keep accurate minutes of all general meetings.
    2. To read or provide copies of the minutes from the last general meeting at all subsequent meetings.
    3. To be responsible for all correspondence.
  4. Treasurer: The manager of all financial matters of the organization. The Treasurer's responsibilities are:
    1. To collect all monies due the organization.
    2. To maintain an accounting of the organization's financial transactions and current financial status.
    3. To pay the debts of the organization from the treasury
    4. To give a report of the organization's financial status at all general meetings

Article III: Elections
Section 1: Election of Officers
The elections of officers shall be held in the fall at the beginning of the semester.
Section 2: Vacancy
If a vacancy occurs, the President may appoint a replacement to fill that position, but such appointment must be confirmed by the majority vote of members present at the next regular meeting. The Vice-President shall automatically succeed the President if that position becomes vacant, subject to similar confirmation at the next regular meeting.
Article IV: Meetings
Section 1: Regular membership meetings shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month.
Section 2: Special meetings shall be held as deemed necessary and may be called by the President.
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