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2014 Workshop Descriptions 

Please read carefully as some sessions are limited by age and/or by number of participants.

Registration is now closed for 2014. 

Chinese Chopsticks Anyone??
Uncover the secrets to the Chinese Culture!
• Chinese cuisine and table setting
• Create Origami
• Exercise to Tai Chi 101
• Discover the meanings behind the Zodiac signs
• Learn about Chinese Holidays
• Explore the language and learn basic Chinese greetings
• Numbers-Counting 0-10
• Review some culture do's and don’ts

Cooking with Culinary
Come and enjoy a demo of the new Culinary Arts Theatre and see what’s cooking! Help our chefs prepare a special treat and you’ll even get to try the end result! Note: This session will start at 10:30.

Drive it Like You Stole It!
Well not really, but experience what it is like to lose control in a car and be able to recover it. Learn some things about driving a car that will equip you with the ability to make good decisions behind the wheel that may someday save your life. Participants must have their driver’s license or learners permit. Limit 9 participants per session.

The FABulous Lab!
Fab Lab Digital fabrication for the 21st century! Come and learn about 3D printers, routers and lasers. Design your own cool stuff! Limit 10 participants per session

Free Hall Pass
Did you know that FVTC has over 1,000 employees? Not only do we have teachers, we also have managers, secretaries, custodians, chefs, childcare providers, security officers and many more. Enjoy a free hall pass and investigate FVTC employees at work. Find out what a difference their jobs make. See firsthand why FVTC is not only a great place to learn, but a great place to work. On our tour you will see: Mail Services, Safety & Security, Shipping & Receiving, The Learning Resource Center, Human Resources, the Kitchen and the Child Care Center.

Fun with Automotive
Explore the auto area! We will take apart an automotive engine, test run an engine, look at electrical circuits and computer controls, and run a race car on the dyno. Come and have fun with automotive! Limit 8 participants per session

Grow Your Own Spaghetti Dinner
Where does a spaghetti dinner come from? Horticulture of course! In addition to learning how Microgreens grow, kids will be sent home with a tomato, pepper, basil and oregano to grow into a spaghetti dinner in late summer!

Hands-on Agriculture
Come join us in the Agriculture Center and experience what it takes to operate a tractor. Learn some things that will equip you with the ability to make good decisions behind the wheel of a large powerful agriculture power unit. Limit 6 participants ages 14 and up.

Hands-on Carpentry
Come join us in Oshkosh and participate in the construction of a full-scale house. Work alongside our carpenters – framing walls, covering the exterior, and installing hardwood flooring. Limit of 12 participants. Bus will depart Appleton at 12:00 p.m. SHARP for this session - return to Appleton anticipated around 2:20 p.m.

If It Moves, It Must Be a MILO
Think fast! Have you ever wondered how police officers make quick decisions? Experience split second decision making using the “MILO”, a digital video simulator that reproduces life-like situations, putting you in the middle.

It’s All In Your Smile! Brush-Up on your Dental Knowledge
• We will discuss oral health and care of the mouth
• We will explore the two dental careers offered at FVTC
• We will tour our dental clinic

Kid Power!
Come and learn about safety awareness and personal protection skills from police officers. This session is designed as a fun, interactive, hands-on program where kids will learn physical skills to escape attack or abduction. You will be taught how to recognize, avoid, resist and escape physical harm. This is not martial arts, but a practical session on teaching kids safety awareness during real confrontational situations. Please don’t tell me to stay safe – teach me or how will I know?

Learning Japanese Through Manga & Anime – Introduction
Learn Japanese in a fun, innovative way through Manga and Anime animation. Learn what the comics characters say and say it yourself.

Life Tools/Therapeutic Massage
Join FVTC’s Therapeutic Massage staff to learn and experience ways to manage your stress, through Yoga, Breathing and Massage Therapy. Limit of 12 participants.

Photography in a Social Age
Everybody seems to have a digital camera these days – from cell phones to iPads to laptops. But, did you know you can still take great pictures like a professional photographer with just your phone? We’ll give you tips to shoot like a pro! And sharing those photos on the internet is so easy today – but did you ever think your photos might fall in the wrong hands? We’ll talk about how to protect yourself and your photos on the internet! Participants should bring their smart phone/device with camera if they have one. Limit 12 participants per session

The Real CSI
Adventure into the world of forensics today and you will experience what the real work CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) is all about. Students will see and experiment with the true science of fingerprints and shoeprints. Limit 15 participants per session.

Rev Up Your Engines!
Would you like to see the inside of an engine? See what makes the machine move and make noise. Join our students and get a “hands on” understanding of the fundamentals of small engine design in power sports recreational equipment (such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and personal water crafts) using electronic equipment that is used in today’s world as a Power Sports Technician.

Science is FUN!
Come and explore various topics in our science lab. Can you predict the components of various foods using your science knowledge? In this session you will be the food scientist and perform a chemical evaluation of certain foods to determine if they contain starch or protein based on the results.

Germs are everywhere! You will also learn about how germs are transmitted from one person to another and the importance of proper hand washing. You will participate in an experiment to see if you are really getting your hands clean when you wash them. Limit 16 participants ages 10 and up.

See Yourself in Print
From camera file to photo-card, see how Printing Services uses FusionPro software, Kodak NexPress printer, and finishing equipment to create the photo-cards of the pictures taken that morning. Limit 12 participants.

Want to Fly? Aviation Experience
The realism you'll experience during this brief intro flight in one of our Flight Training Devices will show you what it's like to pilot a real flight training aircraft used by the students in Fox Valley Technical College's Aeronautics Pilot Training program. Limit 15 participants. Bus will depart Appleton at 12:00 p.m. SHARP for this session - return to Appleton anticipated around 2:20 p.m.

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