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Suggested Agenda Topics 

Recommended Agenda Format

  • Call to order by chairperson
  • Roll call
  • Approve minutes of preceding meeting
  • Reports
  • Unfinished business
  • New business
  • Communication and miscellaneous
  • Set date and plan for next meeting
  • Adjournment

Suggested Agenda Topics

  • FVTC Strategic Directions - discuss relationship to program
  • Department or program annual goals and objectives
  • QRP information and program report cards
  • Review of curriculum content
  • New curriculum projects -- recently completed, in progress, or planned
  • Flexible delivery strategies
  • Grant opportunities, proposals, and activities
  • Program outcomes
  • Enrollment report - current and trend data
  • Environmental scan - future trends
  • Industry trends, practices, and technology that may affect curriculum
  • Marketing strategies
  • Strategies to ensure continued program quality and employer satisfaction
  • Core abilities of graduates
  • Assessment practices and suggestions
  • Student recruitment and support strategies
  • Graduate placement results and strategies
  • Facility or equipment needs
  • Challenges faced by program
  • Review of pertinent website (College, program, advisory committee)
  • Faculty development opportunities
  • Seminars/workshops of interest to employers
  • Internship opportunities/needs

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