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Award Letter - What's next? 

Award Letter

An Award Letter (pdf) is processed shortly after the student's financial aid file is considered complete:

  • the Student Aid Report (SAR) is accurate
  • if required, verification process has been completed
  • applied to FVTC and have been accepted into a fundable program

A student must be enrolled at least 1/2-time by the census date to receive financial aid funds with an exception to the PELL Grant. The three-credit Nursing Assistant class does not count toward the credit load.

Award letters will show the types of financial aid and the dollar amounts based on a full-time status or actual enrollment after the census date. Any scholarships or other agency funding the student is scheduled to receive will also show on the award letter.

Currently, the summer term is not apart of the school year packaged award. If you plan on attending during the summer term, please review Summer Funding to see what you need to do.

Viewing Financial Aid Awards Online

View financial aid awards online by signing onto MyFVTC at

  • Offered Amounts—are amounts student is eligible for but not guaranteed to receive. Offered amounts are not included in "Anticipated Aid."
  • Accepted Amounts—are guaranteed amounts student is eligible to receive if student adheres to financial aid policies and procedures.

Accepting and Declining Your Awards

  • In order to receive the loans and/or work study awarded, students must  "ACCEPT" the awards via his/her MyFVTC account. Students will need to select the green "Accept/Decline" button, and then use the check boxes to accept or decline the awards that have been offered.

Grants Funding
Student Loan Processing
Financial Aid Policies

The Revised Award Letter

A revised award may be processed for any of the following (but not limited to) reasons:

  • change in Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • changes to dollar amounts
  • cancellation of funding
  • additional funding added
  • additional terms added
  • funding received for scholarships or agency funding

The student will be notified when a revised award has been processed:

  • by FVTC student e-mail
  • by letter sent via mail
  • by phone message
  • in person
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