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Social Media

(Catalog Nbr 10699121DE - 1 credit)

Do you feel behind with all the "social media" craze?  Want to know how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in a business/industry setting?  If so, then this is the class for you.  Learn the basics of using Social Media networking to help connect with customers and users.

Class Nbr 81850     
Online - 10/21/13 -  12/18/13
Class Nbr 92216          
Online - 3/17/14 - 5/16/14

Proposal/Grant Writing

(Catalog Nbr 10699106DE - 3 credit)

This class is great for any level – beginning grant writers as well as more experienced writers. Learn how to find and write grants, using up-to-date research methods and solid writing principles. You will leave this class with direct experience in writing a grant.

Class Nbr 81846  
Online - 8/22/13 - 12/18/13
Class Nbr 92213    
Online - 1/13/14 - 5/16/14

Designing Content for the Web

(Catalog Nbr 10699117DE - 3 credits)

This class focuses on design and delivery of professional quality Web and print content, using Adobe® InDesign®.  You will enhance your web content design and layout skills, while always keeping the usability of your web content in mind.  Great class for learning how to use and apply Adobe InDesign!

Class Nbr 81848    
 Online - 8/22/13 - 12/18/13

Writing Content for the Web

(Catalog Nbr 10699105DE - 3 credits)

This class is great for anyone who wants to learn how to write effective content for the Web.  Do you know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is?  Do you know how to write great copy so customers will want to use your site?  Enhance your web writing skills by taking this class!

Class Nbr 92218    
Online - 1/13/14 - 5/16/14

Intercultural Communication

(Catalog Nbr 10699102DE - 3 credits)

This class sensitizes students to the needs and expectations of people of other cultures and introduces skills necessary for effective intercultural communication. Topics include appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication, written communication patterns, business and social etiquette, and intercultural negotiation strategies. Students will also examine universal systems, cultural values and problems associated with language diversity.

Class Nbr 81845
Online - 08/22/13 - 12/18/13
Class Nbr 92210      
Online - 1/13/14 - 5/16/14  

E-portfolio Assessment

(Catalog Nbr 10699142DE - 1 credit)

This class focuses on the completion of an e-portfolio as a culminating assessment of student progress throughout the program.  Students take away an electronic portfolio of their best work that they can use during their professional careers.  Students will create and update their LinkedIn profile throughout this course.

Class Nbr 81853     
Online - 8/22/13 - 12/18/13
Class Nbr  92209
Online - 3/17/14 - 5/16/14

Intro to Professional Communications

(Catalog Nbr 10699112DE - 3 credits)

This course provides new students with firm knowledge of the Professional Communications program. Students will explore the careers associated with this field, learn how to put together a high-quality e-portfolio and work on improving technical writing skills. Technical editing and proofreading will be introduced in this course.

Class Nbr 81847    
Online - 8/22/13 - 12/18/13
Class Nbr  92211
Online - 1/13/14 - 5/16/14 

Publishing Content for Mobile Devices

(Catalog Nbr 10699122DE - 1 credits)

Introduces electronic publishing of ePublications as used by professional communicators. This 9-week course will focus on how to publish content in the ePub format to electronic mobile devices such as the iPad, smart phone, and Nook. Publishing content to the Kindle will also be discussed.

Class Nbr 81851     
Online - 8/22/13 - 10/17/13
Class Nbr 92214     
Online - 1/13/14 - 3/7/14

Video Publishing

(Catalog Nbr 10699123DE - 1 credits)

Introduces video development and publishing as used by professional communicators.  This 9-week course will stress how to integrate video in documentation and websites for business purposes.

Class Nbr 81852     
Online - 8/22/13 - 10/17/13
Class Nbr 92217
Online - 1/13/14 - 3/7/14

These classes are designed by experienced online educators and taught by experts in the field!

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