Accounting, Financial & Banking Assessments 

Make well-informed hiring and training decisions when evaluating the accounting, financial and banking skills of candidates.  Fox Valley Technical College provides new hire assessments for employment screening and training assessments for pre and post-training.

Develop your next assessment plan using one or more of these popular accounting, financial and banking evaluation resources.

Accounts Payable
This test contains questions on common knowledge and skills required by someone managing accounts payable including standard accounts payable concepts, procedures and calculations.

Accounts Receivable
This test contains questions on common knowledge and skills required by someone managing accounts receivable including standard accounts receivable concepts, procedures and calculations including proper posting to A/R accounts.
Bookkeeping Fundamentals
This test measures the candidate's knowledge of bookkeeping tasks and functions. Designed for accounting clerks and others who handle bookkeeping tasks, this test covers the following topics: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Adjusting Entries, Business Math Conversions, Cash, Financial Statements, Fixed Assets, Inventories, Liabilities, Payroll, Recording Transactions, and Taxes. The candidate will need a calculator when taking this test.

Teller Test
This is a timed-test that measures a person's ability to handle and count money accurately. It assesses the critical job skills involved in accurately counting bills and coins in a timely manner. It can also be used to provide an objective evaluation of current employees as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of workplace training programs.

Financial Management
This test measures the candidate's knowledge of how companies manage their internal finances. This test covers the following topics: Capital Budgeting, Capital Structure, Financial Statements, Financing, Internal Reporting, Planning and Control, Market Concepts, Risk Concepts, and Valuation Concepts.

General Accounting
This test measures a candidate's knowledge and skill level in classifying assets, calculating taxes and payroll, determining depreciation and gross profit margin, preparing worksheets and financial statements, balancing accounts, interest calculations, entering journal and General Ledger transactions, and knowledge of basic accounting formulas and principles.

Additional Accounting, Financial & Banking Assessments Available

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Consumer Finance
  • Credit & Collections
  • QuickBooks
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Peachtree Accounting
  • Insurance

Accounting, Financial & Banking Assessment Resources

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