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Basic Skills Assessments 

Get the hiring and training results you desire using diagnostic evaluations that assess basic skills. Reading, math, problem solving, writing, and measurement are among the frequently requested assessment topics.

Develop your next assessment plan using one or more of these popular basic skills evaluation resources.

Number Operations
Number Operations is designed to measure an individual’s ability to compute and use numbers. The objectives measured include reading and writing numerals, interpreting fractions, factorization, ratio proportion and percent, equations, and using zero as an operator. The candidate is also asked to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals to compute answers to number problems an adult is likely to encounter. The subtest also includes computation using scientific notation, computation with integers, and powers and roots.

Problem Solving
Problem Solving is designed to measure an individual’s ability to solve problems using numbers. The types of problems included represent those that an adult is likely to encounter and assess the ability to determine an outcome, to record and retrieve information, to measure, and to use geometric concepts. The test also measures the candidate’s ability to predict or to verify statistics and to estimate outcomes.

Identity - Workplace Skills
This is an instrument designed to predict success in a variety of administrative roles. It measures critical factors such as mathematical and verbal reasoning, language skills, attention to detail, and analyzing skills. This test helps employers to identify job candidates with the ability to perform the basic skills that underlie a wide variety of positions ranging from entry level through supervisory. It provides a standardized percentile score and brief narrative interpretation for each of the following: Analysis Skills • General Math Skills • Detail Orientation • Grammar and Spelling Skills
Individualized interview questions are also provided based upon the candidate’s test performance.

Writing Test
This test consists of three short writing samples. Each sample requires the test-taker to print or write a memo, report to a manager, or a letter.

Following Instructions
This test measures a candidate's ability to follow detailed instructions and then select the correct course of action. Determine the filing location based on written instructions. Select the correct location.

Additional Basic Skills Assessments Available

  • Business Vocabulary
  • Business Math
  • Core Abilities Assessment
  • Measurement, Reading & Arithmetic
  • Professional Employment Test
  • Ruler Measurement
  • Shop Math
  • Written English, French & Spanish

Basic Skills Assessment Resources

To arrange on-site or in-house basic skills assessments, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Assessment for Business
P: (888) 458-0449 | P: (920) 735-5718 | F: (920) 735-2533 |

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