Career & Job Search Inventories 

Help employees within your organization make positive career changes by categorizing their talents and finding the best job fit. Develop your next assessment plan using one or more of these popular career & job search inventory resources.

Barriers to Employment Success Inventory, Third Edition (BESI)
The BESI is a self-assessment tool that helps an individual to identify barriers and challenges to obtaining and succeeding on a job. It provides a fast and effective way to identify those persons who need immediate intervention or special assistance, uncovers barriers that may be missed in conventional screenings, and helps test-takers to identify their problems and develop action plans to overcome them. The BESI assesses the following factors which may act as barriers to employment: Personal · Career Planning · Education and Training · Physical and Psychological · Job Seeking Skills

Career Assessment Inventory-Enhanced Version
This assessment compares an individual's occupational interests to those of individuals in 111 specific careers that reflect a broad range of technical and professional positions in today's workforce. The inventory is used by guidance counselors to help students and adults develop career and study plans, and by psychologists and human resource professionals to advise individuals on career development.

Job Search Attitude Inventory (JSAI)
This is a tool which provides a quick assessment of how motivated an individual is likely to be in seeking employment. The JSAI is particularly useful in identifying those individuals are who are more likely to get a job in less time than others as well as those persons whose will likely need a higher degree of extended attention in their job search. As a result, the JSAI can be used to guide the allocation of program resources and clarify the need and type of intervention that each job seeker requires. The JSAI is also well-suited as a program outcome measure when it is administered as a pre-test and post-test. The JSAI assesses an individual's attitudes on four factors critical to job seeking: Luck vs. Planning • Uninvolved vs. Involved • Help From Others vs. Self-Help • Passive vs. Active

Additional Career & Job Search Inventories Assessments Available

  • Transition-to-Work Inventory
  • Career Orientation Inventory
  • Job Search Knowledge Scale

Career & Job Search Inventories Assessment Resources

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