Information Technology Assessments 

Develop your next assessment plan using one or more of these popular information technology resources. Numerous IT assessments are offered in a wide range of categories including, but not limited to: Database Design & Administration, Engineering Applications, Internet Development & Administration, IT Management, Network & Systems Administration, Programming Languages & Application Development, and Technical Support.

Computer Technical Support
This test measures the candidate's knowledge of how to set up and maintain a PC. Designed for technicians with hands-on experience, this test covers the following topics: Boot Problems, General Hardware Basics, General Hardware Identification and Requirements, I/O Basics, Motherboard, Operating Systems, Specific Hardware, Storage Devices, and Troubleshooting.

Programmer/Analyst Aptitude
This test measures candidate skills that are typically found in successful programmers and business analysts. It covers the following topics: Abstract Thinking, Analytical Reasoning, Attention to Detail, Mathematical Problem-Solving, and Process Mapping.

Server Administration
This test measures the candidate's ability to administer a server using any platform. Designed for experienced administrators, this test covers the following topics: disaster recovery, hardware, management process, network addressing and routing, optimization, security, storage, users and resources.

Technical Help Desk
This test measures the candidate's knowledge of core enduser problems using common office software in the Windows NT and Novell platforms. Designed for experienced help desk professionals, this test covers the following topics: Connectivity, Desktop Installation and Troubleshooting, Groupware, Internet Access, Network Printing, Network Protocols and Clients, Peer-to-Peer Networking, Using Server Resources, and Virus/Data Protection.

Additional Information Technology Assessments Available

  • Dreamweaver
  • Java, C# & XML Programming
  • Network Security
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design Concepts
  • Web Applications Development
  • Project Management
  • Software Testing
  • SQL Server Administration/Development
  • Systems Analysis
  • TCP/IP Administration

Information Technology Assessment Resources

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