Leadership & Management Assessments 

Leadership and management inventories assess the ability of employees and candidates to apply critical management skills within the workplace. They provide valuable information for performance coaches, hiring managers and trainers who want to identify or address employee skill gaps.

Develop your next assessment plan using one or more of these popular leadership and management  evaluation resources.

Leadership Opinion Questionnaire (LOQ) 
This tool provides insight into how they relate to their supervisees on two dimensions important for organizational and managerial behavior. The LOQ has an extensive research base and can be used for managerial development, workshops, as well as selection. It assesses two dimensions that are critical in supervisory leadership:
Consideration: The extent to which a manager is likely to have job relationships with subordinates characterized by mutual trust, respect, and two-way communication.
Structure: The degree to which a manager is likely to define and structure his or her own role and those of subordinates toward goal attainment.

Management Development Questionnaire (MDQ)
This tool assesses the skills and competencies of managers and professional staff. It is based upon extensive research exploring the skills required to be a successful manager in today’s economy and business climate. Because of its unique feedback report, it is especially suited for coaching and training executives and managers. One major use of the MDQ is for staff development because it is designed to help managers better understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for self-improvement. It can also be used to assess the self-perceptions of job candidates by providing feedback on those skills necessary for successful managerial performance. The competence model measures five global management competencies. Each competency can be broken down into four constituent components:
Managing Change: Initiative • Risk Taking • Innovation • Flexibility and Adaptability
Planning and Organizing: Analytical Thinking • Decision Making • Planning • Quality Focus
Interpersonal Skills: Oral Communication • Sensitivity • Relationships • Teamwork
Results Orientation: Achievement • Customer Focus • Business Awareness • Learning
Leadership: Authority and Presence • Motivating Others • Developing People • Resilience

Office Management
This test measures the candidate's ability to manage a business office. Designed for experienced professionals, this test covers the following topics: Interpersonal Communication, Administration, Organization, Clerical, Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Training and Development, and Facility Management.

Additional Leadership & Management Assessments Available

  • DeMoulin Leadership Development Series (LDS)
  • Devine Inventory/CoachBest
  • Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership
  • Management Team Role-Indicator (MTR-i)
  • Managerial Values Profile (MVP)
  • Managerial, Professional, and Technical Questionnaire

Leadership & Management Assessment Resources

To arrange on-site or in-house leadership & management assessments, contact:

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