Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) 

Modern manufacturing requires 21st century skills. The MSSC’s vision is to equip America’s workforce with the high-performance knowledge and skills necessary to boost the productivity, innovation, and competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers. Our goal is to train, assess, & credential forty percent of the nation’s production workforce over the next ten years.

MSSC offers four assessments, which, collectively, cover the critical work functions involved in production.  

  • Manufacturing Processes & Production
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement
  • Maintenance Awareness
  • Safety

Each assessment contains about 125 questions and takes about 90-120 minutes to complete. All MSSC Assessments are delivered on-line and include both multiple choice questions and computer simulations.  

MSSC provides test scores showing whether an individual met the cut scores for passing. This feedback includes a diagnostic report for the individual showing how he or she scored on key activities within that module. This information is intended for self-improvement and is provided to all test-takers whether they pass or not. An individual may take an assessment as many times as desired, but with a minimum of 30 days between assessments.

For more information about MSSC, go to

MSSC Assessment Resources

To arrange on-site or in-house Manufacturing Skill Standards Council assessments, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Assessment for Business
P: (920) 735-5718 | F: (920) 735-2533 |

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