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New and experienced trainers can benefit from FVTC’s Train-the-Trainer workshops and customized services by learning how to develop and conduct effective training. The focus is on interactive training and accelerated learning methods.

Adult learning principles are applied as we analyze needs, select appropriate training methods, and develop training aids for a training lesson. Participants will demonstrate their training skills and receive feedback for improvement in a relaxed environment. Content will be tailored to the participants’ needs and expectations.

A variety of Fox Valley Technical College training providers, each with a unique focus, provide
Train-the-Trainer services.

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Train-the-Trainer Certificate Series

Typical Duration: 36 hours; offered as three, 12-hour sessions
Delivery Options: Seminar Series or Customized On-site

Module 1: Designing Training to Achieve Results
  • Accommodating learning styles
  • Conducting needs assessments
  • Developing learning objectives
  • Outlining and organizing your training
  • Employing accelerated/interactive training
  • Using training methods
  • Developing participant and facilitator guides
Module 2: Delivering Strategies to Engage Learners
  • Developing and using effective visual aids
  • Applying questioning techniques
  • Practicing facilitation strategies
  • On-the-job training strategies
  • Dealing with problem participants
Module 3: Assessing Training to Assure Success
  • Choosing appropriate evaluation methods
  • Developing measurement strategies
  • Creating organization-wide "buy-in"
  • Delivering your training module for peer review
  • Receiving feedback to improve your training

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Train-the-Trainer Advanced

Typical Duration: 6 hours
Delivery Options: Seminar or Customized On-site

Look no further if you're a practicing training professional seeking opportunities to refine and perfect your training skills. This seminar brings training professionals together to share best practices, discuss training innovations and deliver a variety of training methods and skills.

Learn about:
  • Sharing best practices
  • Honing your training skills
  • Innovating methods for delivering training
  • Delivering sample training
  • Receiving feedback and strategies for improvement

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Train-the-Trainer: Building Skills to Train Team Member on the Job

Typical Duration: 6 hours
Delivery Options: Seminar or Customized On-site

Employees from all walks of life—information technology, manufacturing, office support and sales—are frequently asked to share their knowledge and expertise by providing on-the-job training (OJT). This interactive seminar teaches you the essential tools of OJT, and provides an opportunity for you to practice those skills. Participants are asked to bring materials to practice a short training lesson from their workplace.

Learn about:
  • Identifying pitfalls of training via a case study
  • The PROPER steps in OJT
  • Conducting a training session and practice being a trainer
  • Developing training materials

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Facilitation for Workplace Situations

Typical Duration: 6 hours
Delivery Options: Seminar or Customized On-site

Conducting meetings? Solving problems with teams? Implementing lean projects? All of these require a facilitator who is able to balance the process and content in order to get results. This session provides the foundation of facilitating and an opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your abilities.

Learn about:
  • Easy-to-follow instructions, techniques and hands-on tools to create dynamic group settings
  • Common facilitation dilemmas and their solutions
  • Essential process tools for all facilitation activities
  • Methods for reaching decisions
  • Five stages of planned facilitation

Train-the-Trainer Resources

To arrange on-site customized train-the-trainer services, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Business & Industry Services
P: (888) 458-0449 | P: (920) 735-2525 | F: (920) 735-4771
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