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Written Communication 

Effective business writing skills are at the heart of good business practices. Effective use of language is critical to customer and associate communication. Fox Valley Technical College offers a range of written communications training and seminars including, but not limited to:

Business Writing

A series of customized business writing topics teach improved word use and choice, writing and composition, and construction of documents using workplace-specific examples (i.e., letters, memos, reports). Using the seven Cs of effective writing, helps you refine your skills by focusing on the writing process, sample documents and participant writing samples. FVTC’s customized training helps participants compose clear, concise sentences that convey meaning, predict reader response and plan the logical order of messages. Practice writing e-mails, memos and letters appropriate to your workplace and receive feedback from the instructor and participants.

Grammar Skill Development

Your sentences reveal a lot about you, so make sure they show how well you can communicate. Employers and customers respect individuals who write easy-to-read, error-free letters and e-mails. This training helps you compose complete sentences, use punctuation correctly, avoid common spelling errors and select precise words. If you write internal or external messages, benefit from the fun, relaxed way in which the basics of grammar are presented. It’s knowledge you will use every day of your life.

Email Writing

Email writing customized training focuses on how to write professional e-mails for external customers. The training includes templates for different types of circumstances, construction for maximum information and clarity, and customer focus.


Every document your organization creates, whether accurate or not, is a direct reflection on you, the writer, and your organization. This makes proofreading an important skill that every employee should use. Learn some valuable proofreading tips, explore four approaches to proofreading documents, and learn how to detect and correct formatting errors and document inconsistencies.

Report Writing

Review, reinforce and refine your report writing skills. Learn to recognize the elements of good report writing and gain new skills on report formats and their usage. Training includes report models and allows for opportunities for practice, critiques and question-asking.

Technical Writing

Use company-specific materials to learn the basics of technical report writing and editing. Immediate application will be an integral part of this training. Individualized coaching and critiquing will be used.

Written Communication Training Resources

To arrange on-site or customized written communication training, contact:

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