Impromptu Speaking & Networking Conversations 

Impromptu Speaking Skills Training

We are often asked to speak “off the cuff” at meetings or spontaneous encounters. Learn organizational strategies that help you think and speak effectively on your feet. Identify assertive delivery techniques that project confidence. Learn how to respond to and deliver negative news or say “no” without alienating others.

This training is designed for participants to learn how to speak more effectively in impromptu situations. Participants explore communication styles and techniques, including assertive/response skills, formats for sending clear/concise messages and giving and receiving feedback. Using realistic scenarios, participants will practice with peers and on videotape to provide hands-on practice.

Networking Conversations Training

The keys to good conversation are “genuine interest” in the other person and good communication skills.

Enhance your ability to enter a room filled with people you don’t know and confidently “strike up a conversation.” Practice skills that take your encounter from the successful warm greeting to positive conversation that promotes relationship building and networking.

Impromptu Speaking & Networking Conversations Resources

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