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Global Import & Export 

Global professionals and businesses need to be current on practices of international trade. Fox Valley Technical College and the Global Education Services team provide a series of seminars, forums and training opportunities to build the importing and exporting skills of employees. Some of our featured programs include:

Global Business Professional Series

Become globally savvy and enhance your resume by completing the Global Business Professional Series and adding related professional certifications. These scheduled online seminars teach skills in international marketing, product development, culture, communications, strategy, sales, finance, banking and logistics.

Participants completing all six courses also earn an FVTC Global Business Professional Advantage Certificate.

Request a consultation with an FVTC Global Education advisor to:
  • Review series and certification options
  • Discuss your professional development plans
  • Learn about grant opportunities for training with an international focus

International Technical Standards

Provides an overview of specifications and technical standards for those in the export market. A comparison between ASTM standards and international standards will be explored.

Consumer Product Safety & Global Business

Prepare for the challenges of new consumer product safety legislation and emerging global markets. Learn how the new regulations will affect your business and how to manage them. Explore strategies and gain insight into building a solid international supply chain. Understand your sourcing and growth options during this economic climate.

Establishing Your International Credit Policy

The importance of an international credit policy and adhering to the policy is essential in the international marketplace. Every international policy should have established process that provides accountability and standardization, along with an assessment of customer risk. Learn how to get started understanding the importance of creating a process that is transparent and will allow you to assess credit objectively. Participants will understand the importance of a global policy that addresses credit lines: domestic and international. The importance of appropriate use of shipping and payment terms will be reviewed.

Export Documentation

Do you understand what you need to know about labeling and identifying your method of shipment? What are your documentation requirements? What your your labeling requirements? A slight error or oversight may prevent merchandise from being exported resulting in nonpayment. Participants will review key factors of export documentation in order to meet U.S. and foreign government requirements.

Letter of Credit

This workshop provides participants with an overview of the process and management of import, export and standby letters of credit. Understand the Letter of Credit cycle from the buyer and seller perspective with emphasis on negotiating the terms, document preparation, examination of documents, managing discrepancies and payment process.

Incoterms for International Trade

Designed to provide user-friendly understanding of Incoterms and how they are used. Participants will learn the basics of Incoterms including how to compare domestic vs. international terms of sale.

Nuts & Bolts of International Transportation

Learn the role of freight forwarder and broker as well as the import/export transportation cycle. The training includes the basics of ocean and air transit.

Global Import & Export Resources

To arrange on-site or customized global import & export training, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Business & Industry Services
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For more information on Global Education Services training & seminars, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Global Education & Services
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