Hazardous Waste Site Worker Series 

Fox Valley Technical College offers a series of training to meet OSHA and EPA required training, and can customize courses to meet the needs of your response team, SPCC plan, PSM response plan or other OSHA, RCRA and EPA needs.

Hazardous Waste Site Worker—40 Hour

This training seminar meets the requirements found in 29CRF1910.120 (e) for personnel working on hazardous waste sites. Participate in both lecture and practical exercises during the training using equipment commonly found at waste sites. As a part of the week’s activity, participants review a simulated waste site; develop a site safety plan and recommended action. Friday’s activities include on-site evaluation, hazard recognition and an initial report on the site.

Hazardous Waste Site Worker—Bridge

This training is intended for those who have completed a 24-hour hazardous waste site worker course and now need to be trained to the level of the 40-hour hazardous waste site worker. The training focuses on selection and use of personal protective clothing, respiratory protection and air-monitoring equipment.

Hazardous Waste Site Worker—Refresher

This training meets the requirements for annual refresher training of hazardous waste site workers.  The training includes a review of past year’s experiences and discussion of regulatory changes, available technologies and practical exercises. This training can be tailored to meet the refresher requirement for the 24- and the 40-hour initial training.

Hazardous Waste Site Worker—Supervisor

In accordance with 29CFR1910.120 (e), hazardous waste site supervisors are required to have an additional eight hours of training. Topics covered in the training include: site safety and health plans, sample plan development and sampling techniques, personal protective equipment, spill control and monitoring techniques.

Hazardous Waste Site Worker Training Resources

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