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OSHA 10+ Course 

The OSHA 10+ offering is based upon the OSHA 10-hour construction safety seminar. It is extended to 16 hours and explores 20 topics identified as especially important to contractors working in the paper industry. The focus is on hazard identification and proper work procedures and is intended to improve worker knowledge.

This training meets the requirements of the Wisconsin Paper Council's OSHA 10+ Contractor Safety Program. While the "extras" included in this training were selected because of their relevance to the paper industry, this offering is a great addition to any employee's safety training and it's accepted anytime the OSHA construction 10-hour is required.

Wisconsin Paper Council members require contractors working within their facilities to have the OSHA 10+ certification. This includes contractors in all trades who have on-site employees working with new construction, additions and re-builds; chemical and material suppliers with facility access; engineers and designers; as well as general laborers.

OSHA 10+ identification cards and stickers are issued upon satisfactory completion of the training seminar.

OSHA 10+ Course Training Resources

To arrange on-site or customized OSHA 10+ course training, contact:

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