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Fire Extinguisher Operation 

Train your workers in the proper and safe use of fire extinguishers. This Environmental Health and Safety workshop introduces the use of hand-held fire extinguishers giving your employees the confidence and skills necessary to take action should a fire occur in the workplace.

The customized training can include:
  • an overview of fire protection equipment in your buildings,
  • a review of fire extinguisher types and their safe use,
  • identification of fire hazards, classes of fires and how they should be addressed,
  • indoor and outdoor use of extinguishers,
  • a review of how to handle a fire emergency.
Training includes fire classification, how to recognize if your extinguisher is appropriate for the situation, parts of an extinguisher, and hands-on use of a fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Operation Training Resources

To arrange on-site or customized fire extinguisher operation training, contact:

Fox Valley Technical College - Business & Industry Services
P: (888) 458-0449 | P: (920) 735-2525 | F: (920) 735-4771
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