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Fall Protection 

Preventing falls is of major importance in many industries, but the difficulty is in understanding at what height fall protection is required and on what types of equipment. This training provides an overview of the latest information and technology for fall protection, including the principles of fall protection, components of a fall arrest system and the limitations of all arrest equipment.

A review of OSHA standard 1926.500—503, including Appendices A-E and portions of Scaffolding, Ladders and Stairway Construction subparts will be covered.

You will learn about:

  • Basic terminology
  • Specific heights that trigger required fall protection
  • Equipment with specific height requirements
  • The use and limitations of fall equipment
  • The use of personal protective equipment for fall protection
  • The use of anchor points

Fall Protection Training Resources

To arrange on-site or customized fall protection training, contact:

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