Hazardous Materials—DOT Requirements 

Hazardous Materials training includes a description of the characteristics of various hazardous materials from each of the nine designated DOT classes. The course identifies methods used to determine the presence of hazardous materials at an incident site, and outlines protective safety measures and procedures to follow to control hazardous materials.

You will learn about:

  • The Hazardous Material Table (HMT)
  • Classifications, packaging, labeling and moving
  • Placarding, shipping papers, loading and storage

A hazardous materials employer/employee is defined as one who transports, loads, unloads or handles hazardous materials in commerce; prepares hazardous materials for transportation; assumes responsibility for the safety of transporting hazardous materials; causes hazardous materials to be transported; or represents, makes certifies or sells containers of hazardous materials.

Employers and employees who meet the criteria are required by the Hazardous Materials Regulation (HMR) to fulfill training within 90 days of employment/transfer to a hazmat function and then every three years thereafter. 


Hazardous Materials Training Resources

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