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Cheers & Jeers 

Cheers and Jeers


For some reason the cleaning crew is only emptying the garbage cans 2 times a week in the library and the upstairs computer lab. Yuck! Gross! Last night garbage was overflowing onto the floor. I bet Dr. May's garbage is emptied every day and you can't tell me one day accumulates that much garbage.

Some of the men’s bathrooms are looking terrible... not because of the janitorial staff – because of sloppy students! Is it so hard to bend over and pick up paper from the floor? Do you allow your bathrooms at home to look like that?

The parking lot is looking like a garbage dump! Come on people!!! Take some pride in how our campus looks. There are plenty of trash containers around. USE THEM!!!

The cost of books and supplies from the bookstore is highway robbery!! I can buy books online for a LOT less. Some of the books we need however are only available from those crooks. Often, it is simply because chapters are moved around or one chapter is added. Maybe FVTC should stick to standard books so we students can buy all of our books online, because even buying one or two books from the school bookstore is enough to break the bank.

To the Fox Times for spelling the Beatles wrong last issue – what the heck?

Editor’s note: I apologize for that! I should have known better, and don’t have an excuse other than lack of sleep – I will try to be more careful in the future


The new look of the Fox Times is wonderful. Congrats to the whole staff!!

To the janitorial staff for finally cleaning the elevators – they were looking pretty icky but now look much better, some of us can’t take the stairs and don’t like looking at someone else’s gum stuck on the walls.

To FVTC’s Deb Wendt, for trying to find tutors for those of us who need the extra help - thank you for the support and smiles!

Hooray, Graduation and Summer are almost here!

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