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Starting your own business is not just about having a dream and courage. There are real steps to ensure your business a successful start and a sustainable future. The Venture Center at Fox Valley Technical College is equipped with the experts, networks and resources to help you with your small business – whether you’re just starting up or whether you've been in business for years.

New Ventures: Establishing the Groundwork

We can help you determine if small business ownership is right for you. During the past decade hundreds of people have worked with us to determine if their idea for a small business is feasible, understand business ownership and business structure basics, set goals and estimate the impact of small business ownership in everyday life.

Planning for Success: Preparing for Success

The old adage, 'Fail to plan, plan to fail' is true in life and in business. We help you plan for the future of your start-up and existing small business via engaging business planning classes. Savvy instructors, interactive sessions and one-on-one coaching help you develop your road map to success and develop your businesses management, marketing, organizational, operational and financial strategies.

Entrepreneurial Marketing: Getting Customers

You don’t go into business for yourself, you go into business to serve your customers. We‘ll teach you how to conduct industry and market research, identify your target and secondary markets, develop a marketing plan, strategies and tactics, attract your ideal customers and repeat business, and create evangelists.

Small Business Management: Business Growth & Sustainability

More often than not, businesses fail due to management’s lack of knowledge, not lack of money. We help small business owners create businesses that serve their lives, not take away from them. Whether you want to plan for your success, take your business in a new direction or need to identify and establish systems for growth, our experts are passionate about assisting you!

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