V.EE. Readiness Assessment for Program Coursework 


POLICY TITLE: Readiness Assessment for Program Coursework

Fox Valley Technical College requires program applicants to complete an academic readiness assessment as part of the admissions process for most degree and diploma programs. ACCUPLACER is the assessment instrument used to measure student skills in reading, language, and mathematics. Scores from the ACT and other comparable assessment tools are accepted in lieu of ACCUPLACER.

Assessment results/scores are then used in the registration and advising process to determine appropriate course placement in mathematics, social science, and communication skills. ACCUPLACER scores may also be used as prerequisites to certain occupational program courses.

ACCUPLACER scores may only be used as a program admission requirement with the approval of the Vice President for Instructional Services.

ACCUPLACER score requirements are reviewed annually and published on the College's website and in academic program planning materials. Current information on ACCUPLACER score requirements is available through the Student Services Assessment Center and will be updated as an amendment to this policy annually.

Students who do not achieve the necessary prerequisite score will be required to complete the appropriate prerequisite program preparatory coursework for enrollment in specific general education or occupational courses.

When program preparation coursework is necessary, concurrent enrollment in introductory level occupational courses should occur to the greatest extent possible.

ACCUPLACER score requirements can be found at

Adopted: 12/18/98
Reorganized: n/a
Reviewed: 05/09/06
Revised: 09/02/11

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