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POLICY TITLE: Associate Degree and Technical Diploma Program Evaluation

The purpose of program evaluation at Fox Valley Technical College is to establish and maintain a systematic model of continuous improvement for occupational programs, apprenticeships, general education and basic skills. The process aligns with the overall Wisconsin Technical College System Quality Review Process which provides for benchmarking of program performance in similar program areas across the state.

Program evaluation occurs continuously and is aligned with the College Strategic Plan cycle. The metrics and measurements in the process mirror the Strategic Directions and Measures related to key elements of instructional performance. This Strategic Improvement Process (SIP) involves instructional leaders working with faculty teams on the following elements:

Strategic Team Conversations: Instructional leaders and faculty engage in ongoing dialogue regarding the improvement process and the connection of the program performance on the SIP program scorecard. Discussion guides and checklists outline connections with the College Strategic Directions.

Program Scorecard Review: Program scorecards are updated each year and provide annual and trend data for each measure in each occupational program. Scorecard measures reflect the College measures with performance data at the program level. Teams review their performance relative to the College’s target score to identify strengthen and areas for improvement.

Strategic Improvement Plan: Based upon the team conversation and scorecard review, teams develop an action plan for improvement. Priority is given to areas of the scorecard for which the program is below the target College measurement. Plans are submitted to the program Dean or Associate Dean. Division leaders document, monitor, and report on the action plans for programs in their division.

Annual Review: Scorecard data is reviewed at least annually with instructional teams. Strategic Improvement Plans are updated as needed with revised action plans. Best practices or actions which have improved performance are documented and shared with the College community for use in other occupational areas. As part of the annual review process, the FVTC College Effectiveness Department staff provides required information to the WTCS through the Quality Review Process Data System.

Strategic Improvement Process Timeline: The Strategic Improvement Process generally follows the academic calendar. The general timeline below provides guidance on when the above elements should occur.

Early Fall Term
Early Fall Term
Late Fall Term
Spring Term
Late Spring Term
Summer Term
Strategic Team Conversation
Program Scorecard Review
Strategic Improvement Plan
Action Plan Tracking
Annual Review
Action Plan Update/Report Best Practice

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