V.GG. Shared Programs with other Technical College 


POLICY TITLE: Shared Programs with Other Technical Colleges

A shared program, per Wisconsin Technical College System Board (WTCSB) technical definition, is one in which a district holds WTCSB approval to offer a program but is willing to enter into a formal agreement with one or more other districts wishing to share the program. The district holding WTCSB approval to offer a program is known as the primary district while the districts electing to share the program are known as the cooperating districts. Only the primary district grants the degree upon a student’s graduation from the program.

The key benefits to both districts in a shared program agreement include expanded program access by students, which translates into expanded service and enrollment levels, as well as effective utilization of educational resources by the districts involved.

Prior to the development of a shared program agreement, cooperating districts should conduct a cost/benefit analysis and ensure that the program expansion is based on identified employer need. It is also critical, in early discussions, that there is full and mutual agreement by the districts to share the program, including agreement on which courses will be delivered by the cooperating district and which will be delivered by the primary district.

A number of other basic feasibility issues also need to be addressed prior to the development of an agreement, including technology match and scheduling availability, personnel, facilities and equipment requirements, costs, and program accreditation (where applicable).

The WTCS Educational Services Manual (Section 3.20.6)  outlines the responsibilities of the primary district and the cooperating district which need to be included in any shared program agreement. At Fox Valley Technical College, shared programs are generally developed at the instructional division level; agreements coordinated and written by the director of Articulated Programs must be authorized and signed by both the academic vice president and the college president before implementation. The primary district, through the office of the academic vice president, is required to obtain written approval from the WTCSB to share a program with another district and file a signed copy of the shared program agreement with the WTCSB once finalized.

The standard template for FVTC’s shared program agreements (when FVTC is the primary district) is available from the Director - Articulated Programs.

Adopted: 11/01/97
Reorganized: xx/xx/xx
Reviewed: 02/17/06
Revised: 02/17/06

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