V.HH. Student Attendance in Program Courses 


POLICY TITLE: Student Attendance in Program Courses

Students in degree programs and credit courses at Fox Valley Technical College are expected to attend classes as scheduled and actively participate in classes to receive the maximum benefit from their educational experience. Attendance is the responsibility of the individual student, including notification as required by the instructor and arranging for the completion of missed course work.

Specific attendance standards for courses, labs, internships, and clinicals may be established by instructional departments and authorized by the division dean. If specific attendance requirements are established, they must be communicated to students in writing (via the course syllabus) by the instructor at the first class session and attendance must be documented by the instructor. Absences are not a legitimate reason to lower student grades unless specific attendance requirements are established as essential to success in the course and clearly communicated to students.

Departments and instructors are expected to make reasonable accommodations for student absences due to illness, family emergencies, extreme weather conditions, and other extenuating circumstances.

If a student is absent from an assigned course for two consecutive weeks or 10% of class hours (unexcused absence), the instructor must immediately assign one of the following grades to the student:
  • WI - if the withdrawal occurs during the first 60% of the course or due to extenuating circumstances as determined by the instructor.

  • F - if the withdrawal occurs during the final 40% of the course and the instructor determines there are no extenuating circumstances involved.
Recording the last day of student attendance and the number of hours attended within 10 business days is very important to comply with federal requirements for students receiving financial aid.

Adopted: xx/xx/xx
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 01/13/12
Revised: 02/24/12

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