V.II. Student Evaluation of Instruction 


POLICY TITLE: Student Evaluation of Instruction

Fox Valley Technical College places a high value on students as customers of the educational enterprise and their feedback regarding the courses they have enrolled in and related educational support services they have experienced. Customer feedback serves as one key component of the continuous improvement process for courses, programs, and related services.

Some form of student/participant evaluation should be conducted in every course and seminar offered by the college. A number of forms, tools, and strategies (both formal and informal) exist to collect this important feedback.

Instructors are strongly encouraged to use the Online Course Evaluation tool. This evaluation instrument benefits the student by providing a consistent process and access point for collecting student feedback. It benefits the college by providing a consistent set of data that allows for tracking of trends. In addition, the Online Course Evaluation tool provides the following benefits:
  • Maintains student anonymity.
  • Automatically generates the evaluation tool for every course 10 days prior to the ending date of the class.
  • Automatically tabulates results.
  • Provides an historical set of data.
  • Provides instant feedback to instructors and deans.
  • Maintains the integrity of the data in a secure environment.
Complete instructions for accessing and using this instrument are available on the FVTC Intranet.

Instructors are strongly encouraged to create multiple opportunities for students/participants to provide feedback throughout the course to ensure that expectations are being met and stated outcomes are being achieved from the student perspective. Student evaluations conducted prior to the final class session provide opportunities for making necessary adjustments and addressing any issues that are identified.

Adopted: xx/xx/xx
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 03/09/07
Revised: 03/30/07

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