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V.LL. Transfer Credit 


POLICY TITLE: Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is the acceptance of credits from other regionally accredited institutions of higher education. Transfer credit may be granted to students transferring from other institutions provided that:
  • The course is identified on an official college transcript;

  • The course being transferred is generally equivalent in content and meets or exceeds the credit value of the Fox Valley Technical College course;

  • The credits accepted as transfer do not exceed FVTC’s credit value assigned to the course;

  • The course is directly applicable to the degree or diploma program being pursued; and

  • A minimum 2.0 grade point on a 4.0 scale was attained in the course. 
Per WTCS Board policy on credit for prior learning, Fox Valley Technical College will provide maximum recognition for work completed through regionally accredited postsecondary institutions or other education, training, or work experience pertinent to the student’s new educational program and graduation requirements.

Instructional division deans have the responsibility to establish and maintain updated transfer credit review guidelines (including courses and time span acceptability) for the curriculum of associate degree and technical diploma programs. General education course guidelines are established by the dean of the General Studies Division. All transfer credit guidelines must be clearly communicated to Student Services staff for use in evaluating transcripts for transfer credit acceptance. Transcript review for the purpose of awarding transfer credit is conducted centrally in Student Services to ensure fair and equitable treatment of students across all program areas within the college.

Transfer credit is designated with a grade of TC (Transfer Credit) on the student transcript and is not calculated in a student’s GPA (grade point average).

A minimum of 25% of credit requirements must be directly earned through graded coursework (with a minimum of 12 credits in the technical discipline/occupational core) at Fox Valley Technical College for program graduation. Students cannot obtain advanced standing and/or transfer credit for more than 75% of the required program credits.

Any exception to this policy must be authorized by the respective division dean.

Students may appeal institutional decisions related to the acceptance of transfer credit through the formal academic appeals process.

See "Operational Guidelines for Age/Time Span Acceptability of Transfer Credits," revised February 25, 2011, linked below.

Operational Guidelines

Adopted: 02/16/94
Reorganized: 06/24/97
Reviewed: 11/26/08
Revised: 01/05/09

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